Top Price Per Head Service: Setting Wagering Limits

Setting wagering limits when you use price per head can be tricky. You need to optimize your profit as you run a PPH site. However, you must avoid getting burned by losing a lot when your players are winning big. For that reason, setting betting limits can make a lot of sense. Here are some tips from the top price per head service provider.

Top Price Per Head Service as a Bookie

When you manage a PPH site, you should know your players’ wagering tendencies. If you have players who have been with you for quite a while now, you should encourage them to bet more by increasing their wagering limits. 

As for your irregular players, consider lowering their limits. Your business will not stop when you do so. 

To know which players you should consider increasing or decreasing their wagering limits, look over your roster. Here at IDSCA, we offer many tools that can show you exactly who’s betting what and how they’re doing with it. If you have any questions about how to do so, just drop us a line and we’ll walk you through the process. 

You should think hard when you make a wagering limit to your players. You wish them to be happy while playing and betting. 

Every time you lower their limit, they may just leave. Even though they are not your favorite players, they can still make you money. And if you lose them, you will also lose some of your profit. 

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In that case, before you set wagering limits to your players, you might want to listen to them first. You may consider reaching out to communicate with them to know whether or not they wish to increase their limits. 

It goes without saying, but your goal as a PPH bookie is to make a profit. And to achieve that goal, you need to have players to bet with you. If you lower their betting limits, your players may be put off and leave. They may also bet less, which will surely affect your income. 

As you keep yourself updated on your players’ betting tendencies, you will know whether or not these players deserve to have wagering limits.

If it turned out that they are not happy, you should know the reason. It could be that the betting limit is not enough or it limited them from playing more often. As you study their betting habits, you might want to consider raising their limits to appease those players. 

Each time you change their betting limits, you must study their betting habits. Conduct some research. Again, your goal here is to make your players happy so they continue betting. The more bets they make, the more money you get. 

When starting a price per head service site, you must have betting limits for your players. Then, you may choose to increase or decrease the limits whenever necessary. For more information about how to set up a PPH site, contact us at (866) 225-5437.