Price per Head Sportsbooks: Goalpost dunks will be penalized

Jimmy GrahamThe New Orleans Saints’ Jimmy Graham is not only redefining being a tight end, but price per head sportsbooks learned that he also inspired a new change of rules in the NFL. The league’s vice president of officiating said that players won’t be able to dunk the ball over the goalpost after they scored a touchdown.

Pay per head sportsbooks found out that on Tuesday, Dean Blandino confirmed the NFL rule change during a radio interview with “The Dan Patrick Show”. He said that dunking the ball over the crossbar will now be considered a foul along with other touchdown celebrations that involve props.

In the past, the dunks were considered to be a legal celebration, as well as the Lambeau Leap, which is also very famous with price per head sportsbooks.

“We grandfathered in some, the Lambeau Leap and things like that, but dunking will come out,” Blandino said, according to “Using the ball as a prop or any object as a prop, whether that’s the goalpost, the crossbar, that will come out and that will be a foul next season.”

Graham was clearly the rule’s main inspiration. Pay per head sportsbooks saw that the player’s dunks knocked the uprights off balance two times in his career. Last season, a Thursday night game in Atlanta ended up being delayed while workers were releveling the crossbar.

And price per head sportsbooks believe that no other player in the league will be more affected by the change of rules than Graham, who caught more touchdown passes over the past three seasons (36) than anyone else in the NFL.

The 6-foot-7 Graham, who is a former University of Miami basketball player, turned the goalpost dunk into his trademark celebration.

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Pay per head sportsbooks saw that on Tuesday afternoon, Graham responded to the news in a tweet, saying: “I guess I’ll have to lead the @nfl in penalties next year!” besides posting a photo-shopped picture of a referee jumping to block his attempt to dunk a ball over the crossbar. Later the player deleted the tweet.