Price per Head Sportsbooks: Drew Brees forbidden from riding a motorcycle

Drew BreesPrice per head sportsbooks know that endorsements often depend on athletes showing their love for a particular product, but Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints quarterback, admits that he isn’t even allowed to try the latest product he likes.

The product in question is the Can-Am Spyder motorcycle, and pay per head services found out that the player is not allowed to ride one, as it’s forbidden in his NFL contract.

Despite this, price per head sportsbooks learned that the company was happy to see the spokesman in Brees, who was familiar with the product after a former teammate bought one.

“We knew the restrictions from the beginning, as did Can-Am,” Brees told

“Ultimately because I can’t ride it now doesn’t mean I won’t someday. The first chance I have to ride it on a closed course, you can bet I’ll take advantage.”

The Can-Am Spyder is not like regular motorcycles, as it has three wheels and a Y-shaped frame for more stability. Pay per head services learned that the vehicle appeals to a demographic outside of the traditional motorcycle buyer for this reason.

“We don’t have any problem getting attention in the motorcycle media,” said Tom Riley, who’s the director of global marketing for the brand. “The challenge is to communicate our proposition to sports fans because those people over-index in our category.”

So the company now runs a media campaign that aims to catch the attention of NFL fans.

“My football contract forbids me from riding a motorcycle, which is a problem because I really want to ride a Can-Am Spyder,” Brees says in the company’s commercial. “Luckily, I found a loophole: I’m going to retire.”

Brees then decides to call his agent and tell him, and he is pictured dressed in full gear riding the motorcycle.

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Company officials indicated that the rider in the commercial was a stunt double so that the player won’t get in trouble, and price per head sportsbooks believe that Brees should be very careful, considering how strict the NFL can be.