Price per Head: Cowboys rallied behind Romo despite loss

Tony RomoPrice per head services know that if any doubts ever existed on whether or not Tony Romo belongs with the Cowboys, those were erased when his teammates rallied on Monday behind the quarterback.

In the 51-48 loss to the Denver Broncos, the player threw for a franchise-record 506 yards and five touchdowns, but price per head services saw that the game-winning field goal was because of his fourth-quarter interception – something that ruined what was a very fine day in his career.

“In my eyes, Romo is a fighter,” WR Dez Bryant said. “I don’t think no quarterback in this league takes as much criticism as he takes and he still goes out there and acts like he hasn’t heard anything. I know he heard it, but he don’t let it get to him. He goes out there and performs the best way he possibly can and we’re going to forever back him.”

Price per head services found out that the defense took the criticism for the loss, and Peyton Manning finished 33 of 42 passes for 414 yards with an interception and four touchdowns. It turned out to be the third 400-yard passer that Dallas allowed in the first five games.

Romo “is a premier quarterback and he played his butt off yesterday,” defensive tackle Jason Hatcher said. “The defense didn’t do a good enough job to win. We should’ve gotten off the field on third down and made plays when they were in. We didn’t. We didn’t give him a chance to win. It’s on the defense.”

Coach Jason Garrett admitted that instead of forcing the throw to tight end Gavin Escobar, Romo should have thrown the check down to RB DeMarco Murray , which led to the interception by Danny Trevathan. But pay per head services saw that for the game, Romo’s good clearly outweighed the bad.

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“We have an immense amount of confidence in Tony Romo,” Garrett said. “If you watched us play over the last six, seven years I think anybody would recognize that. We think he’s an outstanding player. I think he showed that yesterday.

Unfortunately it didn’t end up the way we wanted it to for our football team, but you’ve just got to keep throwing fastballs and keep going and Tony will certainly do that and our team will certainly do that.”