Price Per Head Agents: Current 2015 Super Bowl Odds

SuperBowlXLIX-2015What are the current odds at pay per head service and what are people saying about the odds?

Here’s an inside look at the top favorites to win the 2015 Super Bowl .

Denver has a perfect solution for getting to this year’s Super Bowl; remembering their loss to Seattle last year. Their 43-8 loss was historic and watching the game tapes and is the reason their odds are so good to go all the way this year. A back-to-back loss would be more than embarrassing.

Although not likely that a repeat of the same teams will happen, as last years winner, the Seahawks are also gems in the eyes of pay per head bettors. Seattle’s aggressive defense and the playmaking abilities of Russell Williams are the key reasons they have their 2014 rings and they might look to get a matching one this year.

San Francisco has not won a Super Bowl in 33 years, but this past year their loss to Seattle may have been a good kick-start to this year’s hopes. Although great on the field, the team has suffered some off the field problems putting them in a not so favorite public view.

And New England lost to Denver last year, they too may also have a chance as they have been training to improve their offensive play and beefing up defense. A Super Bowl win would be a dream for pay per head bettors remembering their attempt to do a perfect season and off season.

                                                                    ODDS TO WIN 2015 SUPER BOWL XLIX


Seattle Seahawks13/2
San Francisco 49ers15/2
New England Patriots10/1
Green Bay Packers14/1
New Orleans Saints18/1
Indianapolis Colts18/1
Pittsburgh Steelers22/1
Chicago Bears22/1
Philadelphia Eagles28/1
Cincinnati Bengals35/1
Detroit Lions42/1
New York Giants44/1
Kansas City Chiefs50/1
Arizona Cardinals50/1
Atlanta Falcons50/1
Baltimore Ravens50/1
St. Louis Rams50/1
Carolina Panthers50/1
Washington Redskins55/1
Dallas Cowboys55/1
Houston Texans60/1
San Diego Chargers60/1
Miami Dolphins65/1
New York Jets70/1
Buffalo Bills75/1
Cleveland Browns75/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers90/1
Tennessee Titans100/1
Oakland Raiders150/1
Minnesota Vikings180/1
Jacksonville Jaguars250/1