Bodog: Not a Top Price Per Head Sportsbook for West Brom

Price per head sportsbooks have learned that the biggest sponsorship deals in West Brom’s history has just taken a sudden turn as West Brom has decided to replace sponsor Bodog with with still a year remaining on their contract. “The mutual decision to part company with Bodog was not an easy one for the…

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Pay Per Head: NFL Totals

Although not a pay per head casino, Cantor Gaming out of Las Vegas has posted the first over/under win totals for all 32 teams. Price per head sportsbooks are now clamoring to get the lines out to their pay per head clients, so here they are for the regular season.

Olympic Offerings at the Pay Per Head Sportsbook

Does your pay per head sportsbook offer 2012 London Olympic betting lines? With only two months away for the Olympics, pay per head sportsbooks are starting to get geared up for the international event and here’s what we can look forward to seeing lines on. (Check the Bottom) Currently one of the most sought after…

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