Ohio State’s running game will be vital against Navy

Ohio StateOhio State fans know that the Buckeyes are getting ready for another run for the title, but local bookies can see that as the opening College Football Playoff is approaching, Urban Meyer and Ohio State as a whole will have to deal with a much more difficult schedule this year, and pay per head agents would like to see how the team will manage.

The Big Ten divisions – who local bookies saw were realigned – gave the Buckeyes a very busy schedule, and many Live betting fans believe that the team will be given a very tough challenge early on by a lineup that could create a lot problems for them.

Price per head agents don’t know if Ohio State will be undefeated in the regular season for the third time in a row, but many Live betting fans believe that the Buckeyes have high chances of making it far once again.

Ohio State’s Live betting fans were very worried when they found out that Braxton Miller – their star quarterback – received shoulder surgery, something that could put the team in a very tough place, but then they were very relieved to learn that the surgery was successful.

Local bookies know that in Baltimore, Ohio State’s signal-caller will be right in the spotlight, and many local bookies expect to see a very interesting performance by the team.

Live betting fans know that Urban Meyer and his staff will heavily depend on his team’s running game, but many price per head agents believe that Miller will work his magic and throw the Midshipmen off balance as Curtis Samuel, Ezekiel Elliott, and Rod Smith – all of them players who were able to prove their power – slam Navy straight to the grass.

Keenan Reynolds, Navy quarterback who Live betting fans know is not a player to take lightly, will have his attack boosted, but pay per head agents believe that Ohio State would have properly prepared for the offense, and will likely give the Midshipmen plenty of problems when both sides face each other.