NBA Predictions: Upcoming NBA Playoff Chances

We’re in the final month before the NBA playoffs start and we will take a look at of how the teams are stacking up and their NBA predictions and hopes of making it to the NBA Championship.

As April 15th approaches, the last day of the regular NBA season and as an interesting twist, US tax day, teams are sprinting towards getting their playoff berth.

Of course some teams are already out of all hope to get to the NBA finals, and based on the number of games needed to be won and the number of NBA regular season game left, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Minnesota Timberwolves are done.

The two teams have had such poor seasons that most price per head sportsbooks had pretty much counted them almost before they began.

The Philadelphia 76ers have had an equally dismal season with a current standing of 14-50, just one game ahead of the New York Knicks at 13-51. The two have struggled throughout the regular NBA season to gel their players into a better team.

The leaders with the likely chance of making the NBA Finals are of course shining examples of an amazing chemistry of perserverance and an effortless fluidity.

The Atlanta Hawks have already got their ticket to the NBA playoffs winning their 50th game back on the 3rd and are the second fastest team to lock a spot after the 95-96 Chicago Bulls who took their ticket on the 2nd of March, 1996 with superstar Michael Jordan.

The Golden State Warriors had quite a year during the NBA regular season and are the front runners to take their ticket to the NBA Finals. This Saturday will give them an easy opportunity as they host the Knicks.

NBA predictions for the Central Division in the Eastern Conference are hopeful for Cleveland Cavaliers as they have improved their efficiency since earlier in the year.

As price per head sportsbooks start planning the NBA Championship odds on these predictions for the NBA finals, Memphis also hopes for its chance with a couple more wins than Cleveland. The Grizzlies will have their chance against Milwaukee Bucks Saturday night.