Handicapping at the Price Per Head Sportsbook

Making-moneyHow does the line get made?

A handicapper is a person that has a great knowledge of the teams and players involved their statistics, and any other pertinent data. He uses this information to predict ideal betting scenarios at regular and price per head sportsbooks.

The point spread is the handicapper’s prediction of what number will be required to split the wagering evenly on both teams, and not by the margin of victory as some believe. Once set, an individual sportsbook may move off this number based on their action, but not by much as the number is fairly universal.

As a bettor at a price per head sportsbook, it is smart to formulate your own opinion first on what you feel the line should be. Once this is done, examine the handicapper’s line and decide if there are any discrepancies.

What is your percentage of winning your wager based on what the money line is at the price per head sportsbook?

As with everything, there is no fool proof answer for who will win or lose. A handicapper is putting up an educated guess or prediction. Of course with their many years of experience, they are very close to what a game may land on, but for now let’s look at the money line, which is a team to win a game out right without a point spread.

One would think that by live betting on favorites all the time at the price per head sportsbook they would have a better chance of winning, but as the chart below shows, only marginally.

FavoriteWinning %UnderdogWinning %