RB Frank Gore is considering joining the Colts

RB Frank Gore wants to join the ColtsIt was said that in Philadelphia, Frank Gore, RB who is now a free agent, would be the player to take the place of LeSean McCoy, but on Monday, reports said that Gore is having second thoughts about making this move, and mentioned that now he’s more interested in joining the ranks of the Colts, in what price per head sportsbooks believe could greatly benefit the team.

NFL.com reported that the RB “pulled out” of the deal that was pending with Philadelphia, and sources said that there are signs of the player wanting to join Indianapolis, something that many experts believe could have a very good impact on the Colts, considering the player’s talent in the game.

The player reached out to Colts members so he could have more information on the team. Chuck Pagano, their head coach, was working at the University of Miami as an assistant briefly before the RB’s arrival to play for the school. Rob Chudzinski, associate head coach for the Colts, was Miami’s offensive coordinator during the time that the player spent there.

The Colts’ fans know that the team could definitely use the RB’s assistance, as last season they had 22nd place in rushing in the league, and the player could be key in turning things around for them.

NFL fans learned that last week, Philadelphia sent McCoy to Buffalo, in what many experts saw was a trade that shook the league. On Sunday, there were reports saying that on Tuesday it was expected for the player to sign a deal of three years with Philadelphia. Regardless of the development, there’s still the possibility that this could take place.

In the case that Gore joins a new team, the RB’s career of 10 years with the 49ers would come to an end, something that might not go down very well with many fans. In eight of the seasons with the team, Gore rushed for more than 1,000 yards, and the last four are included. The player was able to make it to 5 Pro Bowls, and 2013 was the most recent one.

Many fans can see that there are many developments going on with the league, and are surprised by all of the moves taking place. Price per head sportsbooks already see plenty of changes in the NFL, and are sure that next season should prove to be a very interesting one.