Costa Rica is the place for price per head sportsbooks Rica is known all over the world for its amazing beaches, mountains, and lush rainforests, but did you know that it’s also a global base for off-shore wagering and pay per head sportsbooks? This tiny country located in Central America is used by the global sports betting industry as one of its main points of operations, and for one very important reason – the laws.

That’s right – the laws in Costa Rica allow offshore wagering companies to operate with no problems whatsoever, which give plenty of peace to many local bookies.

Also, this little place which is famous for its coffee, volcanoes, mountains, beaches, friendly people, and pay per head sportsbooks, recently made it to the World Cup’s quarterfinals, and the whole world started to zoom in on Costa Rica and everything it has to offer – from pristine beaches to mountains that look a lot like the Alps. And now that the country is becoming more famous worldwide, the opportunities for business are increasing at rocket speed.

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