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Price per Head Sportsbooks: Woodson does not feel like he has to audition

Mike WoodsonPrice per head sportsbooks believe that on Saturday morning Mike Woodson may have been sending Phil Jackson a message.

The New York Knicks coach said that he doesn’t feel like he has to audition for his job over the regular season’s last 16 games. Pay per head services saw that there was plenty of speculation that Woodson will be fired by Jackson, and will hire his own head coach for the 2014-15 season.

“I don’t think I need to prove anything as a coach. I’ve never felt that way. I try to do my job the best I can do, and if you’re gonna judge me on 16 games, then that’s on you,” Woodson said.

Woodson admitted that Jackson would probably be making changes, but price per head sportsbooks never saw him speak about his own future.

“When someone new comes in he has his own thought process and philosophy in terms of how he feels and how the shape of the team should be,” Woodson said. “And until he gets here you just have no idea what he’s thinking and which direction he wants to go.”

“It’s basketball. Teams, they try to reshape, they go through changes, and this is no different,” the coach added. “You bring in a great basketball mind into your organization and eventually it’ll be reshaped. So how and who and when, only time will tell.”

Pay per head services were glad to learn than Woodson, who is under contract next season, said that he would like to discuss basketball philosophy with Jackson, with whom he does not have an extensive relationship. Woodson was a coach against Jackson’s Lakers and last season spent time with him when Jackson was around to celebrate the Knicks’ 1973 championship team.

Woodson again showed respect for Jackson on Saturday, as he has in recent days, and price per head sportsbooks hope that things continue this way.

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“Anytime you can get a great basketball mind that comes into your organization, I mean, it can’t do nothing but help,” Woodson said. “I mean, Phil’s been through the ringer. He’s won titles. He’s dealt with players individually. He’s dealt with players as a team. I mean, there’s probably not a lot he hasn’t seen from a basketball standpoint, so I think it’s got to be a plus.”

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