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Price per Head Sportsbooks: Silver said that Collins’ sexuality has nothing to do with his unemployment

Jason CollinsJason Collins was not able to find a team since he announced last April that he is gay. Commissioner Adam Silver said that the player’s sexual orientation has nothing to do with his unemployment in the NBA, and price per head sportsbooks can see that this story is already making the news.

“In terms of Jason not getting signed, based on everything I’ve been told, it’s a basketball decision,” Silver said. “Our teams want to win and Jason waited until the very tail end of his career to make that announcement.”

Pay per head services saw that on Sunday night, Collins’ name was brought back into the spotlight when Michael Sam, Missouri defensive end, publicly came out as gay.

Last April, when Collins made his announcement, he just finished his 12th NBA season and turned into a free agent. But price per head sportsbooks learned that Collins’ most difficult obstacles to overcome may be his relative lack of production and his age, as he turned 35 in December.

Pay per head services found out that in the 38 games that Collins played for the Boston Celtics and the Washington Wizards, the player had an average of 1 point and 1.5 rebounds per game.

Silver said that even though it isn’t a competition among leagues, he felt proud that Collins “felt comfortable enough that he could come out in the NBA.”

The commissioner said that he still believes that there’s a chance for the player to be called in to help a team down the line, and the only factor would be his game’s perception, and pay per head services hope that it is a good one.

“We want teams to make the best possible decisions from [a] basketball standpoint,” said Silver. “Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about. I’m sure Jason was never looking for a special favor or a special slot because he had publicly come out.”

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Price per head sportsbooks remember that in 2007, John Amaechi, former NBA player, turned into the first person who had played in the league to come out as gay, but that was three years after the end of his career.


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