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Price per Head Sportsbooks: Nick Young had $100K worth of items stolen from his home

Nick YoungNick Young, LA Lakers guard who is very famous with price per head sportsbooks, said that almost $100,000 worth of shoes, clothing, luggage, and jewelry was stolen from his Los Angeles area home while he was playing at Staples Center.

“I came in, I seen my drawers and everything open and clothes all over the floor and the glass was broken from the window,” Young said on Monday.

“I think they knew that I had a game that day, I think they scoped it out a little bit. Obviously they knew nobody was in the house and they knew we had a game. So, they came at the right time.”

The seven-year veteran who’s very well known with price per head sportsbooks said that after discovering the robbery, he called the police and checked into a hotel.

“I didn’t feel safe no more,” Young said.

The 28-year-old said that he has homeowners insurance, but was especially disappointed to have something special to him missing.

“They got me, man,” Young said. “They stole my Yeezys, too, man.”

Young referred to the “Red October” Nike Air Yeezy 2 sneakers that he wore to a game last week and showed off for TV cameras, telling reporters that on the open market they sell for as much as $6,000. Price per head sportsbooks know that Young, who goes by “Swaggy P,” his self-appointed nickname, is known for wearing flamboyant outfits, and GQ ranked him as No. 19 on their 2013 list of the 20 most stylish athletes.

According to, the player made about $18.4 million in salary during his career in the NBA.

Young said that he called the police at around 2 a.m., and that the officers didn’t respond to the scene until between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m – something that surprised pay per head services.

“I was just happy no one was in the house when they was breaking in,” Young said. “It could have made it a lot worse.”
And pay per head services can fully agree with the player on this.

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Pay per head services remember that Antoine Walker and Eddy Curry, former NBA players, were not so lucky, as they were in their homes when burglars arrived and held them up at gunpoint in separate incidents that took place in 2007.


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