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Price per Head Sportsbooks: Marcus DeWare to have elbow surgery

DeMarcus CousinsPrice per head sportsbooks learned that on February 18, Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware will have surgery on his right elbow, but the player is looking forward to participating in most of the offseason program.

Ware played with the problem for the last two years, and was hoping that rest would have taken care of it, but pay per head services found out that early in training camp it flared up and he was bothered by it throughout the 2013 season.

“It’s been killing me,” Ware said. “It’s hurt really bad and that’s why I would wear an elbow pad to stop from getting it hit but that didn’t do much. It would get irritated even when it was barely touched.”

Ware said that the surgery will help protect a nerve that was exposed when he would bend his arm, “so when I would get hit, it would lose its power,” he said, and price per head sportsbooks hope that he will get back on track as soon as possible.

Pay per head services saw that Ware, who last year had surgery on his right shoulder, had a career-low six sacks in 2013 and didn’t play for his career’s first three games due to a quadriceps strain. The player started the season with four sacks in the first three games but was slowed down by the quadriceps strain, a stinger, a back injury, and elbow soreness.

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“Rest helped it,” Ware said. “I’m getting my work in. I’m pushing up 315, 405 (pounds) and I’m doing everything, running. My body feels great. Straight up, it feels really, really good. My quad, I can do all of that. I can do everything. Nothing is inhibiting me. If I had to go into the season now, I feel better than I did going into the season with the shoulder (surgery) … Now I feel like once we get the elbow cleaned up and fix the nerve deal, it’s, ‘Let’s roll.’ “

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