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Price per Head Providers: Bruschi fully backs Brady

Tedy Bruschi, former LB for the PatriotsTedy Bruschi, former LB for the Patriots, backed QB Tom Brady after the infamous Deflategate fiasco, in a case that price per head providers can see is still having a very big impact in the sport, and NFL fans were not very surprised at all about his defense of the QB.

NESN reported that on Tuesday, Bruschi said, “I want Tom to battle this as best as he can. He’s a fighter, I’ve always known him as a fighter. I just don’t know when the decision will come out. We’re still waiting on the Greg Hardy verdict or the decision on the appeal. A lot of people think, OK, the appeal is today so we’ll have answers tonight. That’s just not going to happen. This is still a long process.”

The appeal hearing that Brady had took place on Tuesday at the offices of the NFL in New York, and the process took nearly 11 hours, with 10 of them as testimony. In his hearing, Brady did not seem to testify or even speak, but he did stick around until the very end.

Bruschi knows very well what scenario he would like to see as the outcome of this long and tedious process that seems to be seriously affecting the NFL as a whole, “I would like to see (the suspension) eliminated completely . . . I support this organization 100 percent and I think there’s no way they should stop until it’s gone completely.”

This was by no means the fist time during this year’s offseason that Bruschi bucked up Brady when the world famous QB was under fire. In May, when he spoke with Damien Woody – who played as a Jet, Patriot, and Lion – on ESPN, he said, “This is what I believe: Tom Brady would not tell anyone to do anything illegal.”

Woody had a completely different point of view back then, as he said, “From the texts of Jim McNally, him labeling himself ‘the Deflator,’ tells me that this wasn’t the only time. When you’ve given yourself a label, to me that insinuates that this action has happened multiple times. I’m looking at it as this has happened multiple times, not only this particular situation, but it’s happened in the past before.”

Fans everywhere and price per head providers can see that Deflategate is still making the headlines, and wonder when this whole fiasco will finally come to an end.

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