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Price Per Head: Politics vs Online Gambling

Price Per HeadThere’s no debate as to which price per head company offers more to its clients, but there is always a debate in politics. With just over one month until the Presidential elections, debates are heating up over who will get the congressional seats, and Richard Tisei against current United States Representative for Massachusetts’s 6th congressional district, Democratic John F. Tierney, is a debate pay per head shops are interested in.

A few months ago, Tierney was accused of an affiliation to an offshore sports betting enterprise. His wife even served a month in jail over her involvement in her brothers’ as the accountant.

Now Tierney is only garnering 31% popularity, while his opponent Tisei holds 37%, with 30% undecided.

“The problem with [Tierney’s] wife and all that — I’d like to find out more information about it,” said Agnes Leavey, a 55-year-old homemaker from Lynn, who responded to a poll by the Boston Globe and did a follow up interview. “Naturally, I would lean more toward the Democratic Party but, on the other hand, if I heard he did something that was wrong, I wouldn’t vote for him.”

Since Tisei is currently ahead, he may not bring up the gambling allegations that are of interest to price per head sportsbooks until the end, and even then, Tierney has vehemently argued that he knew nothing of the illegal activity.

“I believed at the time that my brother-in-law was working in a legitimate, on-line gambling business in Antigua,” Tierney told reporters in July during a news conference. “I believed this because Robert’s parole officer – supervising parole officer – believed it. I believed it because the assistant US Attorney working on his 2002 case believed it. And I believed it because a United States District Court judge believed it. Each of them – the supervising probation officer, the US Attorney, and federal District Court judge – had each given him expressed permission, in court, to go to Antigua for that work.”

As online gambling becomes more and more of a hot topic, one would only hope that those in a position of power understand the current laws, and how they are affecting American citizens such as those caught up in the Black Friday poker scandal of 2011.

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