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Price per Head: Josh Gordon is “cooking something up”

josh gordonPrice per head services were very happy to see that Josh Gordon did a pretty job for the Cleveland Browns last month with five touchdowns and 744 yards in four games.

The player also revived a touchdown dance that could become very well known if he keeps on playing like he has so far. Gordon does a little hop/gallop in the dance, while he appears to stir ingredients in a pot.

“It’s just when I feel as though we’re cooking [something] up as a team, that’s something I do,” Gordon said. “Cooking something up.”

Price per head services could clearly see that Gordon was “cooking” a lot lately, and his fans seriously hope that he cooks a lot more. In NFL history, the 744 yards is the most that was made by any receiver in a four-game stretch, and pay per head services saw that the player has already broken Cleveland’s record for receiving yards in a season (in 11 games he had 1,400). He beat Aqib Talib when he played the New England Patriots and raced away to score the 80-yard touchdown that led to him performing the dance.

“Everything JG does is impressive now,” cornerback Joe Haden said. “He’s catching the ball. He catches it in traffic. He runs across the middle. He runs deep, post routes, comebacks. He’s doing the whole tree.

“And Talib, I look at him as one of the best cornerbacks in the league too He’s been doing a great job covering. Big, physical, in your face. And Josh did his thing against him as well.”

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NFL fans everywhere are truly impressed to see how well Gordon is performing, and would like to see him cook up a lot more in future games. Developments on the player will be very closely followed by price per head services. Many fans believe that he can take his team very far, and hope that does not stop doing that TD dance anytime soon.


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