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Price per Head: Green Bay’s Eddie Lacy left the game due to asthma

Eddie LacyEddie Lacy, Green Bay Packers RB, made his season’s third 100-yard rushing performance during the 26-26 tie on Sunday with the Minnesota Vikings, but price per head services were worried when they found out that the player was nowhere to be seen for most of overtime.

Pay per head services saw the Alabama rookie leave the field and go to the locker room after the opening drive of the extra frame, with two carries with goal-to-go, and later he went back to the sidelines, with James Starks left to bear the load.

Many Green Bay fans and price per head services felt very uncomfortable to see Lacy go to the tunnel and then pace the sideline, as they saw Lacy turn into a potential star during his first season with the Packers. But after the game, Lacy let the fans know that they should not be concerned.

But price per head services know that they are still concerned, because it just so happens that Lacy has asthma, and he was not able to play because he could not breathe.

“I’ve had it since I was little,” Lacy told reporters, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “Sometimes it’s worse than others.”

And on Sunday it was especially bad because of the weather, which had sub-freezing temperatures unfamiliar to the native of Geismar, Louisiana, who joked that as temperatures continue to drop and fall turns to winter, it’s “going to get worse”.

Price per head services would rather have a running back out of a game because of an asthma attack than, for example, a knee injury or a concussion – the latter of which Lacy already dealt with this season, but in Green Bay, where the weather is not very forgiving, an asthmatic football star is nothing to laugh about.

Green Bay are in the middle of a tight race in the NFC North and will probably need to win the division so they can reach the playoffs. The Packers play at Lambeau two of its last five games and one on the road on December 29 in a cold Chicago.

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Price per head services know that if asthma’s effects were enough to keep the player out of the game late on Sunday, there are obviously concerns that in one of those three games it could happen again. And as the Packers are wobbling on the edge of playoff contention with one offensive star already in recovery, the absence of a second one could mean trouble.

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