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Price per Head: Federer calls for more drug tests in tennis

Roger FedererRoger Federer asked for more drug tests in the sport following the controversy over Viktor Troicki’s 12-month suspension, which was closely followed by price per head services.

Price per head services and Novak Djokovic criticised the anti-doping authorities after the Court of Arbitration for Sport reduced his fellow Serbian player’s ban. He missed a blood test, but didn’t overturn it.

After the decision, Djokovic said that he lost his faith in the sport’s anti-doping programme, but the Swiss said that he trusts the system “overall”, and pay per head services can see how controversial this situation is proving to be.

And price per head services saw that when he spoke after his Group A victory over Richard Gasquet at the ATP World Tour Finals, the 17-time grand slam champion even asked for the amount of anti-doping controls to increase.

“Honestly I don’t talk a whole lot with the other players about it,” Federer said when asked whether Djokovic’s view represented the players as a whole.

“I just feel like we’re not getting tested enough. I didn’t get tested in Basel, I don’t think. I didn’t get tested in Paris, I don’t think. I got tested here after the first match.

“I just feel like I used to get tested more. I think I was tested 25 times in 2003, 2004. Ever since, I think it’s been clearly going down.

“This season, because I haven’t been playing so well, I maybe missed those days when (they tested).

“Also last year when I was on that run, (winning) Dubai, Rotterdam and Indian Wells, I didn’t get tested in one of those three events that I won. For me, that’s not OK.”

Even though Federer insisted that he was unaware of what was said during the talk between Troicki and the doping control officer, he believes that a sample should always be given when asked, and price per head services completely agree with the player.

He added: “I do believe that when you are requested for a sample, you have to give the sample.

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“It doesn’t matter how bad you feel, I’m sorry. For me the test the next day is not a test anymore, because what could have happened overnight?”


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