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Price per Head: Farmar out for at least another week after hamstring injury

Jordan FarmarOn Wednesday, the LA Lakers announced that point guard Jordan Farmar will not play for at least another week due to a torn left hamstring, worrying many fans and price per head services alike.

Price per head services know that Farmar hoped to be cleared and continue practicing after getting an ultrasound and being examined by Dr. Luga Podesta of the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic on Wednesday. The results showed that there was progress, but also that the injury did not completely heal. The player will be re-examined on December 24, and the player’s fans are knocking on wood.

Farmar said that he was hoping on playing as early as Friday, when the Lakers will take on the Minnesota Timberwolves at home, in a game that will be very closely followed by price per head services. Pay per head services saw that for the past week, the Lakers were without a healthy point guard, as Steve Blake was diagnosed with an elbow injury that will keep him out of the game for at least six weeks. Steve Nash is still indefinitely sidelined. Farmar was out since December 1.

“I’m getting close,” Farmar said after the Lakers’ loss in Atlanta on Monday night. “I’m not going to risk getting hurt again, because that doesn’t help me or the team if I have to miss more games. But I’m excited. I’m feeling good.”

Xavier Henry and Kobe Bryant played the most minutes at point guard since Farmar, Nash, and Blake have been out. While their three top point guards were out, the team were not planning on signing a player to fill in at point guard, as they instead decided to give those minutes to shooting guard Jodie Meek and Henry.

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The Lakers’ fans would like to see Farmar makes a very swift recovery, and price per head services are very optimistic, hoping to see the player back on the court as soon as possible.

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