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Price per Head: Banks released by Falcons

Atlanta FalconsPrice per head services that follow the Atlanta Falcons learned that on Friday, the team released Brian Banks, who spent five years of his life in prison following a wrong conviction.

Teams in the NFL teams will cut their rosters to 53 players, and price per head services found out that the linebacker was one of the 11 players who were released by Atlanta on Friday.

And pay per head services know there is still the possibility that Banks could make it to the club’s practice squad. According to FoxSports, Falcons owner Arthur Blank got such a good impression from Banks that he’s trying to find the player a career opportunity with the Falcons around the team.

“I’ve been fully consumed in making this team, trying to catch up on all these years I missed in football,” Banks told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution after their preseason game on Thursday against Jacksonville. “My learning curve was definitely different from a lot of guys here. I was learning a lot of one-on-on basic things in football, as well as the intermediate things in football and meshing it all together at once over a small period of time. It was definitely challenging but overall I enjoyed myself immensely.”

Price per head services saw that in April, a 27-year-old Banks signed with the Falcons.

When he was a high school star, Banks was falsely accused of rape, something that ruined his chances to play for the University of Southern California. Price per head services found out that the player spent five years in prison, then for five years was placed on probation after his release in 2007. In May 2012 he was finally acquitted after his accuser contacted him on Facebook, taking back her story.

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The Falcons were the first team in the NFL to sign Banks, but the player had chances with other teams in the league. Price per head services saw that in June 2012, the player took part in the Seattle Seahawks’ minicamp after workouts with Kansas City and San Diego.

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