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Price per Head Agents: Greg Oden beats up girlfriend, faces charges

Greg OdenBookmakers were very shocked to learn that former NBA player Greg Oden, who was reportedly in an alcohol-induced frenzy, punched his girlfriend three times in the face before deciding to call the police to report the incident. Price per head agents are still trying to come to terms with what he did.

Pay per head services learned that police from Marion County, Indiana, recently released details of the player’s arrest last week – and bookmakers saw that the details were not very pretty at all. Oden’s girlfriend told police that they were together at a nightclub where she said that he was getting drunk on beers and shots. Things got very ugly when they got home, and pay per head agents could not believe what happened there.

The documents said that he threw her girlfriend on a couch after grabbing her – then he struck her in the face with closed fists. She said that Oden hit her three times – in the left eye, forehead, and nose, leaving pay per head agents and bookmakers stunned.

The victim also said that the hit on her forehead opened up a wound from which she bled – and pay per head agents found out that once Oden saw that there was blood involved, he stopped. She was put in a hospital with a broken nose and needed to get three stitches between her eyebrows.

According to the documents, a friend of theirs who was at the house said that she overheard talk of Oden’s girlfriend possibly cheating on him – which could have been what started of the incident.

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Now Oden is looking forward to three battery counts – two misdemeanors, and one felony.

Pay per head agents and sport bookmaker services can clearly see that there is something is seriously wrong with Oden, and wish the victim a very speedy recovery. Bookmakers would like to see the former player get help immediately, and hope that an incident like this does not repeat itself.

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