Pocahontas wants the Redskins to change their name

Pocahontas wants the Washington Redskins to change their nameLive betting fans believe that it finally might be the right time for the Washington Redskins to seriously consider changing their name, as they found out that who else but Pocahontas said that a horrible message is being sent out by the organization, and believes that young ladies in particular are the ones who could be affected the most.

No, pay per head agents did not contact the undead by means of a Ouija board or anything similar, as the real Pocahontas passed away in 1617, but Live betting fans found out that Irene Bedard – who in 2 Disney movies gave the voice to the Native American heroine – is very angry about the organization’s name, and many Live betting fans believe that she has a point.

Price per head services learned that Bedard, who has Metis, Inuit, and Inupiat ancestry, said that she knows that many fans are proud of the team’s symbol – and Live betting fans are also fully aware of this – but she also said that they don’t seem to realize that the team’s logo is an insult to 500 Native American nations.

And Live betting fans found out that Bedard is especially troubled by some of the costumes that were worn by the team’s cheerleaders throughout the years, saying that they were just too “degrading” and sexualized to Native American women. Pay per head agents can see that this is yet another point of controversy.

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Bedard added, “You think the only people who are people, are the people who look and think like you. But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew.”

Pay per head agents and Live betting fans believe that perhaps it is the right time for the organization to consider changing its name, as it’s proving to be too controversial, and wonder what their new name could be. The “Lincoln Memorials”? The “Congressmen”? Maybe one day we shall find out.