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Pierre-Paul’s right index finger was amputated

Sources reported that on Wednesday, Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul’s right index finger was amputated, but many fans and pay per head sportsbooks were surprised to learn that he’s still set to play in the 2015 season.

The DE was operated on Wednesday afternoon, according to medical records.

A source said that the player could return to action sooner than thought, and is set to play this season, leaving many fans very relieved, but still concerned about health.

The DE spoke about the option with members of his family as well as the medical team working for him, and made the decision to go through the amputation, as it would be the best option for his health as well as his career in the sport.

The player also suffered right thumb fractures, according to a source, and these could take a longer time to heal – up to six weeks.

Pierre-Paul underwent several procedures, and the DE is set to continue being hospitalized for an additional two or three days.

The player was injured in both hands in what sources reported was a fireworks accident that took place in South Florida.

He was one of two players in the league to be injured in the weekend of the Fourth of July, as Buccaneers CB C.J. Wilson lost two of his fingers in what was another accident involving fireworks.

Officials for the Giants went to Florida to see how Pierre-Paul was doing, and to see if they could determine the severity of his injuries, but sources reported that they were unable to leave the waiting room to see the player.

Pay per head sportsbooks saw that in 2014, Pierre-Paul, 26-years-old, had one of his top seasons in the league, and this latest setback is giving many fans plenty of reasons to be concerned, as it’s clear that any amputated extremity is nothing to take lightly at all.

Technically, Pierre-Paul doesn’t currently have a contract with the Giants, as the player still didn’t sign his one-year tender. July 15 is the deadline given for players to decide on extended contracts, and if by then a deal isn’t reached, the DE would be playing under the $14.8 million tender that he has, unless the team makes the decision to withdraw.

Pierre-Paul’s fans can see how serious this latest setback is, but many of them are confident that they’ll see the player recover as quickly as possible.

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