Peyton Manning won’t play in the Pro Bowl due to thigh injury

Peyton ManningBroncos QB Peyton Manning won’t be able to hit the field when the Pro Bowl gets underway next Sunday because of an injury to the right thigh that he suffered in December. The team’s fans and pay per head services now wonder if the player’s absence will move beyond this game.

In a statement that the team released, the player spoke about the disappointment that he felt about not featuring in his first Pro Bowl that he was chosen to feature in when he didn’t play in the Super Bowl. Throughout his career in the NFL, Manning was chosen to feature in 14 Pro Bowls.

“It’s a great honor to be selected to the Pro Bowl, and I’ve always taken the obligation to play in it very seriously,” said Manning. “I’ve believed that, if healthy, it’s a player’s responsibility to play in the game because of what it means to be voted in by your peers and the fans.

“I’m disappointed that I’m just not healthy enough this year to be part of it. It’s going to be tough not being down there with the other guys, but it hasn’t had enough time to heal.”

On the 14th of December, Manning was injured just prior to halftime in his team’s game against the Chargers, where the Broncos won. Pay per head services found out that the night before, the player had flu-like symptoms and the night before the meeting he was getting four fluid bags issued by an IV drip, as well as in the morning of the game.

The player said that he thought that the injury was in part due to dehydration. Manning was injured when he tried to make a pass.
After he missed some time in practice the week after being injured, Manning had his season’s first game with four interceptions in a game against the Bengals, and when he faced Raiders the player didn’t throw for a TD pass in the final game of the season.

Sources reported that Manning suffered a tear of his right quadriceps muscle, something that created very heavy bruising as well as many worried fans.

On Tuesday, John Elway, Broncos executive VP of football operations and GM, said that in a meeting that took place on Monday, he told the player that he should take at least one month to make a decision about playing again in the season of 2015, and many fans can’t wait to see what he will ultimately decide to do.