Peyton Manning doesn’t want to retire

Peyton ManningOn Wednesday, Peyton Manning was asked if he was looking forward to playing next season, or if there were situations that would turn this season into his last one. The player said that his plan was to continue being the team’s QB, no matter what happens this season, and pay per head wagering companies believe that he should have no trouble staying in this position.

“I have not thought about those circumstances at all,” said Manning. “I certainly plan on being back if the Broncos would have me, but at this point I’m kind of thinking about Oakland. I know this is the time where conversations about what head coaches are going to return and I guess for some reason I get to fall into that category because I’m closer to the same age as some of the coaches.

“I have no plans along those lines [of retiring],” he added. “I’m enjoying playing, I’m looking forward to Sunday’s game and hopefully the game to follow that.”

Even though there’s a lot of talk surrounding the performances made by Manning, losing on Monday to Cincinnati was the first meeting that the player had since 2010 that included four interceptions. With 39, Manning is the one leading the NFL when it comes to TD passes. With one TD pass against Oakland in Sunday’s last game of the regular season, he would turn into the first QB in the history of the NFL with three seasons where he made at least 40 passes for TD’s.

In 2004, Manning was able to throw 49 TD passes, and last season the player threw a single-season record of 55 passes for TD’s.

John Elway, the team’s GM and vice president of football operations, said that the player “has plenty of great football in him” and that Denver thought that Manning would hit the field once this season comes to an end.

If the Broncos pull off a win on Sunday, the team would end the season at 12-4, and the player would get his 11th season with 12 wins as a starting QB. Pay per head wagering companies know that if they beat the Raiders, Denver would also get a bye in the first round during the postseason seeded at second place in the AFC, and the Broncos’ fans can’t wait to see what will happen at Mile High when these two teams face each other.