Peyton Manning could soon decide to return to the NFL

Peyton ManningNFL fans and pay per head services won’t have to wonder for much longer about what the future has in store for Broncos QB Peyton Manning.

Sources reported that as early as next week, the famous QB could make a decision on his return to the NFL for what would be his 18th season.

Manning seems to believe that everything will work out between himself and Gary Kubiak, the team’s new head coach who is willing and prepared and to adjust the QB’s strengths to the team, but the system is not the one employed by the coach.

Although late on Friday night Manning showed up to the 50th Gatorade party with quite a few very famous athletic personalities, which include the Yankees’ Derek Jeter, the QB is not ready to announce that in 2015 he will be playing in his last season for the league. Manning isn’t known to do that, and he still isn’t looking to be locked into having a last year in the NFL.

On Friday, the QB said that last Wednesday he had a meeting with Kubiak. Although the rules of the NFL limit the talks between players and coaches at certain moments in the offseason, the player said they were basically trying “to get to know each other.”

The QB, who on the 14th of December suffered an injury to his right thigh when the Broncos beat the Chargers, will get his yearly medical checkup on his neck – which was repaired after surgery – in ten days of the beginning of the new NFL year, starting on the 10th of March.

The player’s checkup will only be done for Denver to have an idea of where the QB stands when it comes to his physical condition after 2011, when he received fusion surgery on his spine. During the initial two years of his deal, which runs for five years, some guaranteed money was tied to the player’s medical checkups, but right now they’re not.

For 2015, the QB’s salary, which was $19 million, guaranteed that on the 9th of March he finds himself on the Broncos’ roster. Many fans and pay per head services who follow the player believe that there’s still plenty left for him to do in the sport, and believe that next season could turn out to be a great one for Manning.