Pete Carroll wants to get back at the Patriots in the Super Bowl

Pete Carroll, head coach for the SeahawksPete Carroll, head coach for the Seahawks, has no hard feelings towards the Patriots, but when the Super Bowl gets underway, beating his past team could have some more significance. Live betting services know that if Seattle wins this meeting – whether the coach is looking for revenge or not – he and his team will have plenty of reasons to celebrate.

Carroll will make an effort to become the first coach since the Patriots’ Belichick to clinch consecutive Super Bowls when both teams square off in Arizona on the 1st of February, something that is highly anticipated by many fans. This game does not just give Carroll the opportunity to add more strength to his record as a coach, but he will be able to make a statement against a team that fired him after the season of 1999,and many fans remember very well when he parted ways with the team.

However, Carroll is looking at the positive aspects of the upcoming game.

“It’s really fun. Who cares? But it’s really fun,” said the coach.

“It’s a little bit personal because we were there and it’s a great place and I have great respect for what they have done, the family, what they have pulled off over the years. The Kraft family, they’ve done amazing things, historic things in the league and in the last 15 years or however long it’s been . . . They’ve been the best of the best and they’ve proven it. So we’re fortunate to get a chance to get to play a team like this and a club like this.”

The firing of the coach could have turned out to be the best thing to happen to both teams. New England hired Belichick’s services, and now they will make their sixth appearance in a Super Bowl in the time that he spent at the club, trying to clinch their fourth victory. In the meantime, Carroll was very successful while working with USC before he went back to the league to take the job with Seattle.

Many fans were pleased to see that even though Carroll might want to get some kind of revenge against the team that fired him, he’s mainly focusing on winning, and live betting services believe that the most important thing is for him to have fun and try to win the biggest game in the NFL which will almost get underway.