Pay per Head Wagering: Pacquiao says that he will fight Mayweather using the basics

Manny Pacquiao the first boxer to take out Floyd Mayweather on May 2ndManny Pacquiao is looking to turn into the first boxer to take out Floyd Mayweather when they square off on the 2nd of May in Las Vegas. Pay per head wagering services would like to see if he’ll accomplish this feat, but also know that there’s something that’s worrying many fans.

Pacquiao – an underdog with the bookies – will try to put an end to the American’s run of 47 wins in a row, with 26 of them made by means of knockout, when they finally face each other following years of squabbling that left many frustrated fans.

The Filipino has a record of 57-5-2 (38 KOs) and wants to apply the basics to beat Mayweather.

“Use my left and right (fists),” Pacquiao said when he was asked about his plans to cope with his opponent’s reaching advantage and height, besides his skills in defense.

“If I hurt him, I expect him to run. Otherwise he might fight me toe-to-toe.”

Pacquiao – before he flies out of his training camp in the US – is getting ready to enter his third basketball game where he features as a player in the highest professional league of the Philippines, and many fans don’t understand why he has to do this now, when he has a massive fight on the horizon.

The fighter’s eagerness to play for his basketball team – the Kia Carnival – worries many fans and pundits, as they fear that he could get hurt, and a report by the US media said that this could net the fighter a pay cheque of $80m.

Pacquiao – a Christian and very religious – rubbished fears of getting injured.

“I know what I’m doing,” said Pacquiao, who’s 5-feet and 6-inches tall.

The fighter also said that he would also hit the court again on Saturday, hours prior to flying to the US.

“My Lord, my God, He is the Creator of everything. He knows everything,” he added.

Pacquiao’s fans and pay per head wagering services know that this is not the case with his boxing, but his career on the court is nothing special at all.

Only a point was scored by the world famous Filipino in his season as a rookie and a coach-player for his team.

“That’s fine. What’s important is my team won. I needed to play to inspire my team-mates,” he said.

With Pac-Man benched for the remainder of the meeting, they beat the Talk N’Text team at 106-103, which would be Kia Carnival’s third victory against the four times that they were defeated.

The Filipino played down criticism by Daniel Orton, ex-NBA player who last week was sacked by a rival team in the PBA for labeling the skills that he has on the court as a “joke”, something that apparently wasn’t taken very well at all.

“Poor guy,” added the fighter, and he said: “I will not react because I would be going down to his level.

“It’s like this: No person has ever succeeded without being criticized.”