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Pay Per Person Sportsbook: Keeping a Positive Cashflow

Online gambling is convenient. And if you are an online bookie, consider using a reputable pay person sportsbook service to boost your business. At IDSCA, we assist our clients by providing them with a set of products that will help them keep afloat. Our sports services will monitor your bookies business while using our platforms for full pay per person casino, live, in-game play, etc. 

When managing your bookie business, though, you must keep a positive cashflow. With a healthy bankroll, you can pay off any winning wagers. By having a cash flow report, you will know when to replenish your cash reserves. 

Pay Per Person Sportsbook Gives Access to Business Reports

pay person sportsbook 

One of the reports you can get from using our PPH service is the cash flow report. With it, you can easily track your cash flow at any time. It is a basic package but not all PPH companies offer it. 

This report is pertinent for any bookie business because it lets you track your finances every day. We recommend checking it during a certain period when several events happen at the same time. 

When you constantly monitor your cash flow, you can easily handle your financial responsibilities. It enables you to explore the best time in expanding your wagering options. 

Our PPH service lets you level the playing field. You only need to pay a small amount every week for each active player that you have. 

The cash flow report will also assist you in knowing how to market your service. This report also tells you who are the biggest wagers and offer them personalized promos and deals to earn their trust and loyalty. 

At IDSCA, we have our own account managers who will monitor your clients’ activities and determine the perfect offers you can provide. Plus, they can help you determine when to provide certain limits. 

Our personal account managers will ensure that your sheets are monitored properly. It is one of the features that sets us apart from other PPH services. 

Live Betting 

It is another feature that will make your online bookie business profitable. You can offer your players more options that compel them to wager more using your site. The more options you provide, the more competitive your business will be. 

Any players would love real action. With live betting, they can bet on various sports, such as hockey, football, soccer or tennis. We also offer major international sporting events. 

Your players can easily bet in an instant. They can also see the offers quickly. With our reliable server, they can switch from one sport to another without any difficulty. Our interface is user-friendly.

Our IDSCA team will ensure that you can offer your players the best of both worlds when it comes to online betting. We offer the fastest lines in the industry. With our trained and expert individuals in the field, we can assure you will have the best lines for your players. 

If you wish to try our pay per person sportsbook demo, please call us at 1-866-Call-IDS (1-866-225-5437). 


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