Sportsbook Software: The Cowboys’ Scandrick returns to practice after suspension

Orlando Scandrick-CowboysSportsbook software services were very glad to learn that on Wednesday, Orlando Scandrick returned to practice after suspension.

After the player was banned for two games due to his violation of the NFL’s policy regarding drugs, the CB for the Dallas Cowboys was glad to work with the team again.

“If felt great,” said Scandrick. “It’s good to be out here. It’s good to get my feet underneath me. I feel like I picked up right where I left off. I feel good. I’m excited. I’m relieved. I’m thankful.”

On Wednesday, a review of the league’s substance abuse policy was concluded, and the suspension that Scandrick received was reduced to two games from four. In April, the player took a recreational drug, and he ended up testing positive for amphetamines.

Under the new policy of the NFL, the player’s positive test is considered to be substance abuse, instead of use of a performance-enhancing substance, as this took place during the offseason – something that relieved many fans to some degree.

“There is no next time around from me,” said the player. “That’s behind me. I’ll leave you with: It will never happen again. I’m ready. I’m focused. I’m more focused than ever. I’ve changed the way I do things.”

Since the CB was banned from being at the Cowboys’ practice facility in Valley Ranch when he was suspended, he stayed in good shape, as he was working out by himself.

Scandrick, 27-years-old, proved to be one of the team’s best performers at training camp, as in individual drills he constantly struggled with Dez Bryant, and showed plenty of improvement in his intercepting ability.

Last year, Scandrick set career records with 12 pass deflections, as well as two interceptions

“I’ve got a whole lot to prove,” said the player. “I missed two games and I want to pick up where I left off. All of my goals, my season goals are right ahead of me. That was the biggest thing. Not having that on my record, not having a failed test for a performance enhancing drug, I mean that’s big.

“All of that not being on my record and everyone knowing I’m not a cheater, because I’m not, and I was adamant from the time I got caught for this. I am not a cheater.”

Scandrick, who last season was able to start in 15 games, said that he’s set to hit the field on Sunday but doesn’t know if he’ll return to the Cowboys’ starting lineup, but many of his fans are very hopeful, and sportsbook software services would certainly not mind seeing the player start for the team.

“Those are questions that you need to ask Coach Garrett,” he said. “I don’t control who plays, but I would like to hope as the head coach of this football team that we would play the best players.”