Princeton beats Kwansei Gakuin in Legacy Bowl

Princeton beats Kwansei GakuinNCAA football odds may be off the board right now, but did you know that there was a game Saturday? There is an annual spring game between Princeton Tigers and Kwansei Gakuin University Fighters and this year Princeton travelled to Osaka, Japan.

Haven’t heard of the matchup also call the Legacy Bowl? We’re not surprised. It seems that all of the March Madness leaves the rest of the basketball betting world in a bit of a stupor, thus ignoring football in the off season.

This game is so obscure that no one has even started a Wikipedia page for the event. We should be paying more attention.

Apparently they did make an announcement back on January 12th, but come on, were still paying attention to the NFL playoffs and who’s going to the SuperBowl..

“We are excited to participate in the first annual Legacy Bowl against the national champions of Japan,” Princeton head coach Bob Surace said in a statement. “This unique opportunity allows us the benefits of experiencing another culture in addition to playing an actual game against one of the best non-American college teams in the world.”

“We’re looking forward to our Spring Ball preparations beginning on Feb. 27 and kicking off an offseason that will hopefully lead to an excellent season in 2015.”

Well, the best might be saying too much. Ivy League Princeton beat the Kwansei Gakun University 36-7. In fact Princeton had held onto a 36-0 lead until the home team final got some points on the board.

Las year Princeton had a 5-5 (4-3 Ivy League) record and this win will help to give them confidence going into the 2015 season.

Princeton must be getting better as the last time they met the Kwansei Gakuin University Fighters was in 2001 with a final score of 27-25 for the Tigers.

Well good for Princeton. More news about NCAA football odds helps the rest of us get into the football betting spirit, especially those whose March Madness bracket was busted right away.

Those 2015 NCAA football odds will be up soon, so sit back and watch for which recruits will be up for the 2016 season.