Payperhead spells profitability and growth for the online betting business

There are several price per head betting sites that offer the best customer service on the internet. The wagering websites are top of the line entertainment venues for people who want to put wagers on sports and any proposed contest over the net. The betting companies systematically organize their wares to deliver the best services in a fast and efficient manner. Payperhead Sportsbook is one of the top price per head software provider who can do just what bookmakers and punters want in their online wagering activities.


Why choose Payperhead betting software

Payperhead is the most flexible betting software in the market. From website customization to setting up of betting lines, it can accommodate the whims of its bookmakers to support its online wagering business growth and development.

The betting company understands the needs of the bookmakers and it is ready to provide the full support it wants to be successful in the online betting industry. Some bookies have great customers, Payperhead has some special offers to support the odds masters to take care and keep them in your group with perks and bonuses.


Major features of Payperhead

Established sportsbook companies invested a fortune to deliver top-notch features and services to its bookies and online players. Payperhead equipped its betting site with the major features to attract new bookmakers and punters to its site. The main attributes that the website brings are the mobile betting, live wagering, advanced analytics, online casino tables, horse racing, multiple payment option facilities, prompt customer service on a 24/7 availability, safety and security on data and money transfers, bitcoin payment option processing and facility, and a customized website for the bookie.

The betting platform has access to over 80 leagues for more sports events with an increased number of betting options made available through the price per head software operated by odds masters. A handful of sport event options may seem doubtful to deliver the services sought after by bookmakers and online players. It is wise to stay away from them.

The price per head software is now a necessity for online bookmakers. A bookie will have a great disadvantage without a price per head program to support his online betting business. He will not be able to compete with other odds masters that have the benefit of having a pph software to assist the online betting business for growth and expansion. It is therefore essential to have a price per head program working for you instead of accepting wagers in an old school fashion way. Payperhead is what online betting is all about.


What Payperhead can do for bookmakers in their online betting business

Bookmakers have the assurance that the best in the online price per head software provider can deliver their needs and help the business increase profits and revenues. Payperhead sportsbook offers a customized user-friendly dashboard on its frontend solutions. The betting site understands what bookies and bettors need. Simple yet operational tools to succeed in the trade. Payperhead equips all its bookmakers with this instrument for a systematic, easy-to-use operation and accounting.

With a state of the art dashboard, a single glance could attract potential punters to investigate and see what is new about the website. Punters want to enjoy and have some fun using the program. Online bettors will not have the time to figure out what went wrong if they don’t get to where they want to be on your website dashboard. They may look for something simpler on other easy-to-navigate betting sites.


As a bookie, registering with the Payperhead software provider will allow you to have a more convenient bookie business while staying safe and make more money. The online betting site will take care of the accounting, inventory, putting up betting lines, provide you with relevant information that will help your online players make smart bet placements.

Payperhead will be charging a minimal fee for every punter under your group using the price per head software on a weekly basis. The website will be providing your online bettors’ secured passcodes to gain access to Payperhead pph software. Once your players enter the pph site, their activities will be on record and filed under your registered name. As part of the security of the wagering website, it encrypts its connections and database as added protection for its clients. A third party or hackers cannot get hold of the secured data in the online betting platform.

The dynamic betting site will also handle the accounting and inventory system of the online wagering business which weighs down bookmakers with the grind in the daily operations. The heavy workloads on odds masters limit their goals to grow and expand the venture. With these burdens taken off their backs, bookies can do what they are meant to do and that is to recruit new online players. Bookmakers will have more time implementing their recruitment strategy for the online betting business. More players mean more money. By the next wagering season, your income will be up and you will be enjoying the fruits of your labor. In effect, bookies will be thanking Payperhead that they partnered with them.

The wagering program has a multilingual staff that can entertain major languages of the world. The feature allows bookmakers to have punters from other parts of the globe to be under his group. The scope widens the impact of more foreign players trusting the name of your sportsbook betting company.

Complementing the company’s multilingual staff are the professional call center agents that promptly assist your online players in their queries and assists them in activities relevant to your pph website. Payperhead has seasoned bookmakers that will be setting the sharpest betting lines for your punters. Some sites take the faster route and make shortcuts.Our betting platform does not scrape lines and shave corners. We do it right the first time to maintain the method of excellence in this field of business.


Business tools of the Payperhead betting site

Payperhead provides the business tools to help bookies make certain adjustments if it calls for immediate and overall action. If there are huge bets placed on the table, the website notifies its odds masters of such vital transaction for immediate decisions. The betting site notifies the bookie by call or text message so the bookie can make the necessary adjustments.

To manage the pph betting site efficiently, bookmakers use the settle alert tool. This instrument pre settle accounts and messages the bookie when it is time to settle or collect before a settle limit is met. The bookmakers create a settle alert for professional and amateur punters. Once the settle alert hits its limit, contact the player immediately to collect or payout. Bookies may not always follow the same method, apply whichever is more efficient for you.

Payperhead has an app that tracks your online players betting activities and gives you a report on a weekly basis. You may choose the frequency of the reporting dates. The player activity report is essential to your online betting business as it allows you to plot your financial goals if it can support the business on a short or long-term basis. The player activity report accomplishes the aim to anticipate players’ betting strength and weaknesses.  A player’s betting activity will vary the year round as some months are more profitable than the others. This is where the report from your pph software comes in. It is all just a few clicks away on your laptop or mobile device

Using the Payperhead betting software is easy. A bookmaker only has to pay that minimal weekly fee for each player that accesses the website. The online gamblers may place their bets directly on the site with the passcodes that you will provide them. The passcodes will be made available by Payperhead to you as one of our bookmakers.

Pay per head has plenty of benefits offered as one of the marketing strategies to attract bookmakers to the betting site. This is a limited offer only. Avail of it now before it closes.

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