Pay per Head: Wenger urged to not pursue Rooney

download (2)Arsene Wenger was warned against making a move for Wayne Rooney, Manchester United striker and a huge favourite with pay per head sportsbooks all over the world.

Stewart Robson, former Arsenal midfielder, suggested that Wenger would do his best to keep the striker under control.

Pay per head sportsbooks found out that as the Gunners want to boost their attacking options after another campaign without a trophy, the club was linked with a move for the 27-year-old, who has 83 caps for England, and many people that follow the club and use a price per head sportsbook would like to see what’s next for the player.

However, Robson urged Wenger to not focus on from Rooney and look for other options.

“Everybody says that the problem he (Rooney) had with Sir Alex Ferguson was with his fitness levels and how he was looking after himself,” Robson told talkSPORT. “I’m not sure Arsene Wenger is the sort of confrontational manager who is going to pull (him) to one side and say, ‘I’m not happy with this’.

But many people with a price per head sportsbook wonder what the manager is really thinking.

“I think it might be a problem. Would he be a good player for Arsenal? Would he take them to the next level? I think he would improve them, I’m just not sure he’s the player Arsenal need to go on to become champions of Europe or champions of the Premier League.”

And pay per head sportsbooks learned that Robson gave the manager who won four FA Cups and three Premier League titles even more advice.

“Arsenal need a real strong backbone in that midfield. I would get (Marouane) Fellaini if he’s available,” he added.

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“I’ve seen him play many different roles for Everton. He does things on the ball. He’s not going to be an expansive passer but Arsenal have got those expansive players, they need to now get a balance between the creative side and the more destructive side, you can’t have one without the other.”