Pay per Head Sportsbooks: Richardson not blaming anybody but himself

Trent RichardsonPay per head sportsbooks learned that Trent Richardson, Indianapolis Colts running back, was humbled when he ran as a backup onto the field in the first quarter against the Tennessee Titans in their game last weekend.

That would have been the first time that the player wasn’t his team’s starting running back since his sophomore year at Alabama.

Price per head services saw that Richardson, who was acquired in September by the Colts from the Cleveland Browns for a first-round draft pick, was put on the bench in favor of Donald Brown against Tennessee due to a lack of production.

Richardson, who was the No. 3 overall pick in 2012, only blames himself for the demotion.

“It was different when I went out there Sunday,” he said. “It was kind of like this is a place in your life where you have to learn and really see the offense and how things flow. I learned about myself Sunday, how humbling it was. I have to step up. I have to make sure I’m doing my job.”

On September 18, Indianapolis acquired Richardson, and pay per head sportsbooks saw that he played at San Francisco three days later and in the starting lineup at Jacksonville on September 28.

That should not have been the case now that he thinks about it.

“I think it’s only fair that Donald is the starter, especially the production he’s been putting up and the numbers,” Richardson said. “He’s been playing good ball. I tell people all the time that when I first got here, they thought it was a two-headed monster with me and Ahmad [Bradshaw]. I always said it was a three-headed monster.”

Pay per head sportsbooks know that this season, Richardson only has 306 yards on 108 carries while not looking like the RB who starred at Alabama and rushed for 950 yards as a rookie last season with the Cleveland Browns. This season, the player hasn’t rushed for more than 60 yards in a game.

He was in a difficult position, as he had to learn the Colts’ system on the fly, and the player said that it’s affecting him because he’s over-thinking instead of relying on his instincts.

“It slows you down,” Richardson said. “Trust me, it’s a lot different. When you’re thinking about it, it really slows you down.

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A source told that Indianapolis are fully invested in the 23-year-old and don’t want to let him go during the offseason.