Pay per Head Sportsbooks: Incognito meets with NFL investigator about bullying claims

Richie IncognitoMultiple media outlets reported that Richie Incognito, suspended Miami Dolphins guard who’s very famous with pay per head sportsbooks, returned to the team’s facility on Friday, where he met with NFL investigator Ted Wells to talk about teammate Jonathan Martin’s harassment and bullying claims.

Pay per head sportsbooks found out that NBC 6 in Miami got video of Incognito, and also confirmed that the player arrived with his legal team around the time that the Dolphins were practicing.

A league source said that Wells also had a meeting on Thursday night with Incognito.

Price per head services learned that Wells spent the whole week with the Dolphins talking to team executives, employees, and players. Being able to get the suspended player’s side is one of the last pieces of the puzzle before the NFL gathers all of its findings and arranges a report that it said will be made public.

Incognito also has another grievance with the Dolphins which was postponed until the end of the investigation by the league. Pay per head sportsbooks saw that earlier this week, the team requested that Incognito’s hearing be set back as the organization cooperated with Wells’ investigation.

The player wants to recover his lost wages that could sum up to $1,176,470.59 under terms of the maximum team penalty, and also wants to be reinstated in the team’s roster.

Incognito’s four-game suspension ends on December 2 – the day when the Dolphins must determine whether to release the player or return him to the 53-man roster.

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Price per head sportsbook all over the world that follow the NFL can see that the player is not very pleased at all with everything that happened to him after his suspension, but know that this issue must be cleared out in the best possible manner. Developments on the Incognito/Martin case will be closely monitored, and fans everywhere can’t wait to see what the outcome of this very controversial situation will be.