Munnerlyn believes that Peterson should be allowed to play

The Vikings made up their minds about what they would do with Adrian Peterson, and they decided that he won’t play for the team until he fixes his legal problems, but sports software services can see that not every player in the locker room agrees with this decision.

Munnerlyn, CB captain, does not believe that Peterson should be banned from playing; something that’s giving many fans plenty to talk about.

“I don’t really think it’s fair at all. He should be able to play, he hasn’t been convicted of anything,” said Munnerlyn.

“I think he should be able to play football. I really don’t get it,” said Munnerlyn, by way of “And at the end of the day I know they came up with the decision, but I really don’t get it.”

The CB does not just disagree with the punishment that Peterson received, but believes that right now, the best thing that the player can do is return to the game.

“We’re here to win football games and I think football, right now for Adrian, is the best thing for him to do,” said Munnerlyn. “To let out some frustration and to be himself.”

The player sees no difference in the way that he grew up and what Peterson did to his son, and sportsbooks software services can see the controversy behind the player’s words.

“Growing up, I was disciplined the same way,” said the 26-year-old. “I think Adrian’s a great dude, a great parent. I support Adrian. Everything he did, I didn’t see anything wrong with it — that’s me personally.”

Munnerlyn, who’s in his first season playing with Minnesota, believes that the harsh discipline that he received while growing up was what led him straight to where he is now.

“Like I said, growing up, my mom, she disciplined me the same way and it got me to this point now. I’m in the NFL and I know how to behave,” said Munnerlyn. “I really don’t see the big deal of it. People blowing it out of proportion.”