Michigan vs. Illinois Game Preview Big Ten Tournament

Michigan vs. Illinois game preview and analysisOn Thursday, Michigan and Illinois are set to lock horns in the tournament of the Big Ten. Pay per head bookies know how important this meeting is, and are looking forward to a very intense matchup when the Wolverines face the Fighting Illinois.

Michigan would like to clinch a victory after they lost seven out of the last nine matches that they played. This season, the Wolverines have an average of 64.6 points on 42% of their shooting, and on 45% of their shooting only 64.1 points are allowed. Zak Irvin has an average of 14 points as well as 4.5 rebounds, and Spike Albrecht recorded an average of 7.4 points with 4 assists made. 47.1% is shot by Aubrey Dawkins and 3.2 rebounds are grabbed by Ricky Doyle. Four of Michigan’s players have an average of at least 6.1 points, and 75.3% are being shot from the line, and from deep they shoot at 35.6%. When it comes to their defense, the Wolverines allow from deep 34.8% shooting, and in six out of their last 10 meetings they gave up points 69 or more.

Illinois are in their bid to win six out of the last six meetings that they played. This season, on 41.8% shooting, the Fighting Illini have an average of 69.9 points, and on 41.8% in their shooting only 62.8 points are allowed. Rayvonte Rice recorded an average of 17 points as well as 6.4 rebounds, and 14.2 points with 4.8 rebounds go to Malcolm Hill. For Illinois, the third scorer in the double digits is Kendrick Nunn, and 2.3 assists are recorded by Ahmad Starks. For the Fighting Illini, four players have an average of 8.1 points – at least – and from the line, the team shoots at 79.4%. From deep, they shoot at 36.3%. In their defense, the Fighting Illini only allow 32% with their shooting from deep, and in eight out of their last 10 meetings, they only gave up 63 points or less.

Michigan are too injured and offensively and they simply don’t have the ammunition that is needed to win this upcoming contest. Both last games ended up going to overtime. Many fans and pay per head bookies are confident that for this matchup, Illinois will be the ones to come out on top, and will most likely cover the game, but just with a few points. Michigan could still pull off a surprise, but this scenario is very unlikely.