Marshawn Lynch spoke about his future in the NFL

Marshawn Lynch his future in the NFLWhen Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch was asked about what could happen with his future in the sport during an interview that the NFL Network aired on Sunday, the player said that he still has a contract and is trying to win one more Super Bowl ring, something that many fans and pay per head services would certainly not mind seeing.

During the interview, which was recorded in Philadelphia on Saturday, the RB spoke with Michael Robinson – his past teammate who’s very well known in the football world for his talent on the field.

The player was asked if he was considering retiring from the sport after the season comes to an end, and he said, “I’m still under contract. I ain’t even made it through this year. I’m chasing after another one of these [points to Robinson’s Super Bowl ring from last season] right here.”

And many fans of the Seahawks were very happy to hear this, as they know just how important he is to the team.

Next season, the RB is set to make $7 million, and in the last year of the four-year contract that he was with the Seahawks, the player is set to total $8.5 million versus the salary cap. Many fans saw that this season, the RB was able to rush for 956 yards, which is the fifth best in the league.

The player was also asked why it’s rare for him to speak to the media. Last month, the NFL fined the player $100,000 because he didn’t talk to reporters.

“I ain’t got nothing to say,” said the player. “All that is superficial to me. I just like to play football. Anytime I get the opportunity to touch ball, I feel I can be successful.”

Lynch, who is now 28-years-old, was then asked what he would tell his 20-year-old self if he had the chance, and fans everywhere saw this as a very interesting question.

“I would tell him don’t regret decisions you make, from the bad to the good to pretty to ugly,” said Lynch. “I’d tell him, ‘Get ready for a whirlwind because it’s not going to be pretty.’ ”

Lynch’s fans and pay per head services wonder what the future has in store for the player, and would really like to see how far he’ll make it. His fans would also like to see him win the sports’ most coveted prize yet again, and are confident that he has a very good chance of doing that.