JaVale McGee will no longer join the Celtics

JaVale McGee no to the CelticsOn Thursday, several sources reported that the Celtics were getting very close to signing a contract with JaVale McGee that continues through next season, in a move that pay per head bookies believe could have proven to be very beneficial to the team, but now news came out that the deal won’t take place.

Danny Ainge, GM for the Celtics, admitted that both parties were close to making a deal. Unfortunately for many, this will no longer be the case.

“JaVale is a long, athletic guy, and we don’t have that type of player — an above-the-rim offensive and defensive player,” said Ainge.

“He’s been paid a lot of money in our league, had some injuries, hasn’t lived up to his potential yet, and we’re hoping that he can under [Celtics coach Brad Stevens’] tutelage.

“I think he’s in a good place, emotionally and mentally, and he really wants to get his career on the right path.”

On Sunday, the 76ers waived a 27-year-old McGee after his services were acquired by the team from the Nuggets at the deal’s deadline. Many fans remember when in 2008, the player was drafted by Philadelphia along with the 18th overall pick that same year.

This season, the player, who stands at 7 feet and is a favorite with many NBA fans, was able to record an average of 4.6 points and 2.7 rebounds made in 23 meetings – 6 of them made with the 76ers, and 17 with the Nuggets.

During the postseason, McGee would be considered eligible to play because he was waived prior to the deadline of eligibility for the playoffs.

The Celtics have a current ranking of at 11th place in the standings of the Eastern Conference throughout the games on Wednesday, but are just a couple of meetings behind the Hornets to get the eighth position for the playoffs, and pay per head bookies would really like to see how they’ll continue to perform.

The 76ers eventually made the agreement to have McGee released from the team, without the player being forced to give up any part of his salary. He had approximately $3 million remaining from this season’s salary of $11.25, when acquired by the 76ers, and next season he’s set to get paid 12 million.

It was said that the Warriors, Heat, and Mavericks were all possible destinations for McGee.