Derrick Rose feels very confident in his comeback

Derrick Rose comebackDerrick Rose’s fans and sportsbook software services were very happy to learn that the Bulls’ point guard is not missing any confidence after being set back by injuries.

“My confidence is through the roof, man,” the player said on Friday after he was able to score 21 points and clinch four rebounds in Chicago’s 109-102 win over Boston. “I don’t need no more confidence, I just need to play. I know how good I am and I know how good I’m going to be. It’s just that I just need to be out there playing.”

The display gave the Bulls and Rose a huge boost, and there are quite a few reasons for it. Chicago ended up losing three out of the last four matches, and Rose entered the meeting with only 10 minutes in action when the team lost to the Nuggets on Tuesday, after he ended up being substituted at halftime due to what was considered by the team to be tightness in his left hamstring.

Coach Tom Thibodeau saw a very simple difference in the way that Rose performed between the game on Tuesday and the one on Friday.

“He played,” said the coach.

“The thing for Derrick is he’s got to keep building,” said Thibodeau. “Honestly, I looked at the 10 minutes [in Denver] as a positive. Back-to-back [games], he’s out there. I looked at the last two days, practicing and practicing hard, so he plays better. That’s how he’s going to shake the rust off. So I just want him to keep building. That’s what I want him to do. He’s got to be out there in order to do that.”

The Bulls’ win on Friday also saw Joakim Noah back in action, as the famous center was not able to participate in the game on Tuesday due to injuries in his knee and left eye. The player seemed to be just as active as he was throughout the season in the game against the Celtics, recording 14 rebounds, 15 points, six blocked shots, and six assists.

“I just like seeing him alive, the bounce,” said Thibodeau. “Jo’s game is hard to measure statistically. It really is. And I told him that [Thursday]. … But when you look at his plus/minus [numbers] when he’s on the floor, they’re off the charts.”

He said that he knew that the player felt better by the way that he was able to move on the court.

This season, the player was already inactive for four meetings due to several injuries, but he’s completely backed up by his teammates.

“I think Derrick played really well,” said Noah. “And I think every time he’s on the court it just makes our team that much more dangerous. It’s always great to have him on the court.”

The coach and sportsbook software services can see the difference in the team’s performance when Rose is on the court.

“He was playing with a high intensity level,” said Thibodeau. “And when he plays like that, it’s huge for our team. … Every time he’s out there, it’s important.”