Arizona Cardinals want Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson to Arizona CardinalsThe Arizona Cardinals are in the hunt for a power back. It just so happens there can be available, not just any ordinary back, but one of the most prolific backs of our generation. The Running backs name is none other than the Minnesota Viking’s Adrian Peterson. What a stud, he wants out of Minnie. The Cards are willing to fork up a first round pick for his services.

He does come with baggage. I mean the only reason he’s even up for grabs is because of his off field issues. On September 12th, 2014 Peterson was indicted for reckless or negligent injury to his child in Montgomery County, Texas. You want to have one of the best you have to deal with his personal issues.

The Arizona Cardinals are built for running now more than ever. They have gone out and signed Mike Iupati, one of the top interior offensive lineman free agents available. Iupati and Peterson can be a one, two punch every team in the league would crave for if they were starting the type of power run game the Cardinals want. Online Bookmaking Solutions agent’s might have a live one with these Cards next season.

All signs point to Peterson wanting out. Adrian Peterson’s agent nixed a dinner meeting with Vikings GM Rick Spielman. This is starting to look messy, every divorce is. Since the start of the combine Peterson’s camp has been at odds with Minnesota front office. Who’s to say if they will ever reach an agreement? Through it all the Vikings still seem to think they will keep Peterson. A trade with the Cards looks more likely day by day.

The Vikings won’t simply release Peterson from the final three years of his contract. He only has three options: (1) play for the Minnesota Vikings; (2) play for no one; (3) hope a trade gets done. Even if they do bend and try find a trade partner for Adrian Peterson’s services, who’s to say they will be moved by whatever the other team drums up s part of a package for the prolific Peterson.

Minnesota’s team owner Zygi and Mark Wilf can tell Adrian to either play for them or no one at all. The Vikings will have to return though, the final $2.4 million installment on the $12 million signing bonus he received in 2011. They both had a terrible 2015, but that wasn’t the Vikings fault. Why should they give up Peterson for nothing if this was a situation he brought onto himself?