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Pay per head: Warren Sapp’s troubles worry Michael Irvin

This week, former DT Warren Sapp got in trouble again, something that worries his friend Michael Irvin, and pay per head sportsbooks believe that he has a very good reason to be concerned about his friend – especially now.
“Absolutely, I am,” said Irvin – Sapp’s former NFL Network colleague – in an interview. “I worry about him, man. There’s no doubt. I worry about him a lot and I tell him that.”

Sapp, who during the week of the Super Bowl was in the middle of a very controversial issue that involved prostitutes, which resulted in him being fired from the NFL Network, returned to the headlines following a criminal complaint that was filed in Las Vegas Justice Court on Thursday. The former DT was charged with three counts of domestic s battery in an incident that took place in April, where he’s been accused of stepping on his girlfriend’s head and biting her finger. Yes, the details of the incident made fans cringe.

Sapp was able to make a deal in the case involving prostitution, as he pleaded guilty to a solicitation count as well as an assault count. The court ordered the former player to go to a course on anger management, as well as a “Prostitution Solicitation Diversion Program”. The Hall of Famer was also ordered to pay the prostitutes restitution money – $1,171.24 for one and $150 for the other one involved.

However, things for Sapp could prove to be more difficult this time around, as he could end up going to jail for 18 months if he’s convicted. Pay per head sportsbooks believe that this could shake things up in the NFL world, as they know how important he is to many of the fans.

Irvin – his longtime friend – appears to be supporting him through the thick and thin. Sapp and Irvin were together on a frequent basis when the NFL Network’s pregame show was broadcasted, in part because of the history and affiliations that they both have with the Miami Hurricanes, as well as their personalities, which the fans know are very lively, outgoing, and entertaining.

“I’m texting him all the time and a guy always goes, ‘man, I’m good man, I’m good, it ain’t nothing” said Irvin. “You always say that, but you worry.”

Hopefully things will run smoothly in this latest setback, and maybe one day Sapp will return to live television, as his fans certainly wouldn’t mind seeing him back.

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