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Pay per Head Sportsbooks: Sean Lee said that his neck is getting better

Sean LeeTwo months after he suffered a torn neck ligament, Sean Lee, Dallas Cowboys linebacker who’s very well known with pay per head sportsbooks, was not fully cleared by the team’s medical staff.

Pay per head sportsbooks found out that Lee, who was working out and rehabbing at Valley Ranch since the end of the season, said that his neck improved and that he feels healthy. On April 21, Dallas are set to open their official offseason program.

“I’m working all the neck exercises,” Lee said. “I think it was just having time to heal, allowing that ligament to heal, and it takes a certain amount of time. I think we’re on the path to where it’s pretty much there.”

The player missed the last three games of the 2013 season after being injured in the first quarter in a loss to the Chicago Bears on December 9, which came after he missed two games due to a hamstring injury.

Lee and pay per head sportsbooks hoped that he could return, but doctors would not clear him after an MRI showed a torn ligament.

“I don’t need surgery, which is a positive,” Lee said. “But I didn’t play at the end of the year at a very critical time, and it’s been two years in a row, and I need to be out there. There’s no excuse for it. I’ve got to find a way to stay on the football field.”

Price per head services saw that in his first four seasons, Lee missed 18 games, but only four for minor injuries. In 2011, the player missed one game due to a dislocated wrist and played the remaining games with a cast. In 2012, he missed 10 games because of a severe injury to the toe.

“I think I’ve had a combination of injuries, like the hamstring would be an injury-prone type of injury,” said Lee, who last summer signed a six-year extension that is worth up to $51 million. “I think I’ve also had some bad luck where I got rolled up in a pile with my toe and I’ve gotten hit by my own guy in a pile.

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“I need to find a way to stay healthy, whether it’s finding a way to be stronger and not having the hamstring deal or it’s hopefully having a little bit better luck. I need a combination of both going forward.”


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