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Pay per Head Sportsbooks: Dutch coach says that US lack focus in speedskating

Jillert AnemaPay per head sportsbooks were surprised to learn that Jillert Anema, Dutch speedskating coach, believes that the US can improve on the Sochi ovals if they stop playing sports like they play football.

“You have a lot of attention for foolish sport, like American football,” Anema told CNBC on Friday. “You waste a lot of talent, athletic talent, in a sport where it’s meant to kill each other, to injure each other.

“… (The U.S.) is so narrow-minded, and you waste a lot of good talent in a sport that sucks.”

And pay per head sportsbooks wonder what the US team has to say about this.

Price per head services saw that the US had their first medal shutout in the long-track events since 1984. No American was positioned higher than seventh in an individual event, and the men’s team dropped down to the “D” final, which will decide the last two spots in the eight-team field.

Only a silver medal in the 5,000-meter relay was what kept the US from having its first shutout on the short track since 1988.

Anema believes that the US could make very good improvements with a better sport infrastructure, and many pay per head sportsbooks agree on this.

“When you compete once every four years, with talent, with a few lone wolves who are skating, you can’t beat the world,” Anema told CNBC. “It’s no way.”

And pay per head sportsbooks believe that Anema can’t be blamed for being somewhat cocky as the Dutch team was able to win 21 of the country’s 22 medals on the speedskating ovals in Sochi.

“I think that the gold medal in speedskating is just as valuable as the gold medal in basketball, and we won 22.

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“You’ll never win 22 in basketball.”

Pay per head sportsbooks can see that the US is not in a very good position in speedskating in Sochi, and would like to see things turn around for them. Anema’s words were a bit harsh, to say the least, and progress made by US athletes in the sport is yet to be seen.

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