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Pay Per Head: Gang Members Arrested for Racketeering

Mobsters are not the only gangs suspected of using pay per head services. It was recently learned that rival gangs the Crips and the Bloods have possibly also started working their way into the price per head sportsbook business as another means of making money.

Although it is thought that only a few members might be involved in the pay per head services, authorities will likely be monitoring other known associates for similar activities.

“The FBI is committed to dismantling the gangs that threaten the safety and stability of our neighborhoods,” Chris Briese, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Charlotte Division, said in a statement. “This two-year investigation is an outstanding example of what federal, state, and local law enforcement can accomplish when we attack the gangs that operate in our communities.”

Charged in the indictment are:

• James Anderson (“Stank”), 28, currently incarcerated.
• Alan Boyd Donta Barnett (“Big Al”), 37, of Gastonia.
• Eric Eugene Brice (“Bug”), 40, of Gastonia.
• Travis Lamar Brice (“Trap”), 28, currently incarcerated.
• Quinton Lavar Brown (“QP” or “QB”), 20, currently incarcerated.
• Rafas Gene Camp (“Tick”), 32, of Shelby.
• Joston Jamal Clemmer (“Ace”), 21, of Gastonia.
• Kemmey Nicole Cooke (“Gangsta Wu”), 29, of Chesapeake, Va.
• Jaimel Kenzie Davison (“I-Shine”), 28, currently incarcerated.
• Wesley Tyler Floyd (“West Coast”), 26, of Gastonia.
• Davon Yakeen Futrell (“Smooth”), 24, of Gastonia.
• Tristan Daquane Goode (“Buck”), 20, of Ranlo.
• Nathaniel Graham (“Nasty”), 23, currently incarcerated.
• Joseph Dranell Gray (“Killa”), 38, currently incarcerated.
• Dominque O’Neill Jackson, a/k/a “DJ”, 23, of Gastonia.
• Jimmy Lionell, Jones (“Buddhist” or “Buddha”), 37, currently incarcerated.
• William Amir Knox (“Poo Nuk”), 28, currently incarcerated.
• Kentrell Tyrone McIntyre (“Mustafa”), 32, currently incarcerated.
• William Lewis Dontars Meeks (“Willie” or “Rock”), 34, of Gastonia.
• Kevin Jerome Morris (“Kato”), 34, of Shelby.
• Franklin Robbs (“Frankie Boo”), 41, currently incarcerated.
• Maurice Terrell Robinson (“Hell Rell”), 22, of Lincolnton.
• Andrew Eugene Stowe (“Coco”), 36, of Gastonia.
• Marquise Deshawn Watson (“Rambo”), 20, of Gastonia.
• Melinda Charmane Watson, 36, of Gastonia.
• Daryl Wilkinson (“OG Powerful”), 47, currently incarcerated.
• Samatha Williams (“Samantha Wilkinson” or “Lady Sam”), 43, of Bronx, N.Y.
• Perry Gorontent Williams (“P-Flame” or “Flame”), 26, currently incarcerated.

As always, the defendants are innocent until proven guilty.

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