Pay per Head: Butler injured his shoulder in game against the Kings

Jimmy Butler injury against the KingsThe Bulls’ Jimmy Butler was not able to feature during the second half of his team’s 104-86 victory over the Kings on Tuesday night due to a strain on his right shoulder that worried many fans, and Tom Thibodeau, head coach for the Bulls, said that the player will probably have to get an MRI to see how severe the injury is. Pay per head services know what a key part of the team he is, and seriously hope that he wasn’t hurt too badly.

After the game, The All-Star didn’t talk to reporters, but he did admit that he had pain in his shoulder.

In the game’s second half, Butler didn’t participate in warm-ups after he twisted the same injury one again – one that he suffered on Sunday night, when Chicago beat Orlando. The player initially hurt his shoulder during the first half of the game on Sunday, and there was tape placed on his injured shoulder when he returned to action in the second half of the meeting.

The player scored 5 points, 2 assists, and 2 rebounds when the match ended. He’s set to take part in the All-Star skills challenge taking place on Saturday night and the All-Star Game getting underway on Sunday night, and NBA fans around the world are very eager to see how he’ll perform in these competitions.

The Bulls did get some good news, however, as Mike Dunleavy went back to the team’s starting line-up. The small forward, who’s a veteran and very famous with NBA fans, wasn’t able to feature in the Bulls’ last 19 meetings due to an injury suffered on his right ankle. Just over 24 minutes of time on the court passed when the player was able to score 5 points.

“I felt real good,” said Dunleavy, and many fans were glad to see that the player was upbeat. “Physically, everything was good. I was pleased. I felt like my rhythm and my conditioning was fine. So hopefully I just keep building and going in the right direction.”

On Thursday night, Chicago will take on Cleveland, and Bulls fans everywhere can’t wait to see how their team will perform in this meeting.

Butler’s fans hope to see the player make a very swift recovery, and pay per head services hope that his injury won’t prove to be a very serious one.