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It is quite obvious that online betting is a billion-dollar business; but, if you wish to increase your profits in your PPH online sportsbook instead of being wiped out, then you need to learn how to optimize profits in your pay per head sportsbook

Before you go over the tips, do you have an idea how a pay per head sportsbook earns profit?

How Does the Best Per Head Sportsbook Bettor Earn Their Profit?

As you may agree, part of being a bettor means that you must continuously make money . A lot of bettors will probably lose in the distant future, not only because of their poor decision in betting, but also because sportsbooks usually have things to sway from their favor.

You should know, however, though you may have an advantage over the other bookies if you don’t know exactly how sportsbooks earn money you’re probably going to fail as a bookie.

In essence, your duty as a bookie is clear. You get bets from players, receiving money from losing bets, and paying out winning bets.

If the money you payout is less than the money you are taking in, then you are in favor right? Yes, but if you only do the same thing you will get wiped by someone who understands what they are doing (and a lot of money would be left on the table).

If you only earn depending on the outcome of games, you cannot control how much you can win or lose because you cannot really determine the result of a sports event (unless there is fixing involved but let’s not get into that).

Bookies have figured out, for a long time now, how to earn profit despite the outcome of the game.

You can find out how below but before you continue reading, give time into learning on how to use pay per head for it is the best way to get your bookie business started.

And, if you are interested in learning more on how sportsbooks earn profit, you can read the infographic located at the bottom of the page.

per head sportsbook

How Does A Pay Per Head Work?

For now let us pass up on plans to open land-based or online sportsbooks offshore; unless you have a lot of money in the bank, going down that road is probably not going to work out.

Don’t worry though because there is a much easier way to becoming an online bookie that will cost you less, and it’s by using a PPH sportsbook.

Price per head services will help you in starting up your bookie business because they’ll handle most of the difficult day-to-day specifics of managing your business.

They will provide you with a sports betting website, bookie software, line management, and most of what you will need for your shop (except customers of course), in exchange you will need to pay a fee for each of your players.

Your main job would be to settle money owed to or from your customers. In case you’re wondering if you have to pay for all your clients, it doesn’t work that way because you’ll only pay for those who made actual bets during the week.

In other words:

  •     For example, you have 20 players and 15 of them made bets in a week…
  •     And your pay per head costs  $15 per player
  •     It means  you will only pay $150 that week (15 x 10)

This type of arrangement is your best method to make your bookie business successful. It is because all you need to do is to get clients. Be mindful of the sportsbook you choose. 

What PPH Service is Best for Your Business?

Study your options and try them out, that is the best advice we can give you. But first, you have to be sure on how much you want and how much you can pay. Choosing the right PPH solution will be a big factor in the success of your business. Always remember that you are putting the business you have worked very hard to establish to a third party. A third party that will be handling your daily operations, and the service your customers get. So be critical and be patient in choosing the pay per head bookie solution that is best suited to your requirements and budget.

Conditions You Should Always Take Note of Are:

  1. Customer service quality
  2. Staff competence and experience (from agents to line managers)
  3. Software: confirm that they are using a trustworthy software service, one that allows customizations and is convenient.
  4. Technology: be updated about backups, security, privacy, firewalls, etc.
  5. Site: If you have your own site always make sure the switching over process remains simple; if a new site is needed good pay per head service should be able to provide a skin or design one depending on what you prefer. Make sure your site works for desktop computers as well as mobile phones
  6. Features: Even if you do not desire or will not use all the features offered it is good to know you have options and space to grow. It will include Casino, Racebook and Live Betting Software.

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