Oklahoma State perform better than expected against Florida State

Oklahoma StateOn Saturday night, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy came into his team’s game against Florida State without knowing what he would expect to see from one of the country’s youngest rosters, and sports software services don’t think that he was very disappointed at all.

The coach doesn’t really have a reason to not be pleased with Oklahoma State, as he left the game with tons of experience for his players in his team’s 37-31 battle with the defending champions, and many fans also believe that the Sooners could greatly benefit from this experience.

“You don’t ever know what to expect with so many young players on the field,” said Gundy. “But there was not any fear in any of their eyes. And they made some mistakes but they made mistakes going full speed.”

“The guys didn’t have the deer-in-the-headlights look at all. You know, er played a great football team. But they stood toe to toe.”

All together, 14 redshirt freshmen or freshmen featured on Saturday for the Sooners, but Tyreek Hill – a newcomer and transfer – was the player who made the difference, as he happened to be everywhere on the field – following the Seminole’s famous tradition of doing exactly the same thing.

“Well, we know he’s fast,” said Gundy. “We’ve confirmed that because those guys chasing him are fast. And he competed.”

And many fans saw that the player did compete – and he competed very well.

Hill also wasn’t the only one who competed. The Sooners could have rearranged their season expectations even in they were beaten.

“I thought they did a heck of a job,” said Jimbo Fisher, Seminoles coach. “I told you Mike has got a good football team and he’s a heck of a football coach. He has done a great job for a long time.”

Sports software services saw a very entertaining showdown between Oklahoma State and Florida State. They expect to see some great displays made by both teams in future games, and many experts believe that the Sooners will continue to make great improvements in the game – especially after this performance.